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Career Spotlight AC Contractor – Discovery Videos

Students are required to pass state and learning course exams. There are two exams available two exams: the trade and business exam.

There are three different classes of air conditioning contractors, and they all require first having passed these exams. Three main categories for contractors in the field of air conditioning include Air B (units up to 25 tonnes) and Air A (units with a maximum of 50 tonnes) as well as Mechanical. This covers the work done on water and chillers. towers.

It is also required that the person have at the very least four years’ work experience, including one of these years as a foreman. Finally, the student must apply for approval from the State of Florida. Once a person has gathered their relevant experience, they’ll be able to state that along with their academic qualifications. In addition, the application requires an identity check as well as a background verification. Anyone who has been approved is considered an air conditioner technician. 5wenzmf8os.

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