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Custody Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce Cases – What Is Legal Advice

The most common mistake made by people during divorce proceedings is not letting the other parent see children. Judges are looking for good parental-child relations. If you attempt to hinder your ex’s access to the children, it will be an unflattering reflection of your character. Both parents must spend spending time with their children unless there is concerns about safety. It’s also important to avoid talking about negative things regarding your ex in your child’s presence.

Another thing to stay clear of is making any allegations about your ex that can’t be proved by a judge. Without sufficient evidence the accusation will appear as if you’re lying in order to obtain complete custody of your children.

The most important thing to consider is the security that your children have during divorce proceedings. Your children don’t have to get upset when your ex and you do not get along. Be sure to tell your kids that both you and ex will be there for their needs. They’ll be loved unconditionally by their parents.


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