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Different Types of Lawyers and their Roles – Community Legal Services

There is a way to resolve disputes among the two of you. An experienced child custody attorney is able to assist parents with negotiating the custody, visitation maintenance and support agreement for their children.
Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re arrested, and accused of a crime, it is necessary to hire a criminal defense lawyer who can represent you at the courtroom if required. In the event of a need, they will assist you in defending the rights of you and preparing an contest the charges. The law that governs crime such as theft and murder is known as criminal law. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to help their client to understand the procedures of an investigation to help them prepare for trial and negotiate with prosecution. A criminal defense attorney may aid in the preparation of witnesses, or with the presentation of evidence during trials.

Estate Planning Lawyer

A lawyer who is involved in estate planning can help you establish your estate plan using wills, trusts, as well as other legal documents in order to guarantee the execution of your wishes when you pass away. A competent estate lawyer will work closely with their clients in creating strategies that incorporate all aspects of their lives. This includes current and potential family dynamics as well as financial goals. They also provide guidance on state probate laws. In addition, estate planning protects your assets against creditors and inheritors, it ensures that these assets can be dispersed.

Lawyers with a Constitutional Law

Constitutional lawyers are accountable to protect the rights granted by the Constitution. There are many kinds of lawyers. They have the responsibility of safeguarding human rights and democracy from being breached. They also ensure that governments don’t abuse their authority and interfere with people’s rights to express their opinions or beliefs. Constitutional lawyers advocate for the rights of citizens against actions by the government that are in violations of the rights of citizens. They can take cases regarding freedom of speech, religion and freedoms that are protected by the constitution.


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