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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Home – Home Improvement Tax

Granite is a great material for counter tops and tile floors. There’s no ammonia, phosphates or bleach. The product is completely non-toxic. is healthier for you as well as has much less chemical scents.

If you’re in search of natural cleaners that can be utilized in the home, make sure they have USDA bio-based accreditation. It means that it is 96 percent organic. This is safe for pets and babies.

Also, laundry detergents are available. These detergents have B companies that declare that their products are better to the employees and for the local community the place it’s created, as well as the environment. They also do away with the need for animal testing.

As your clothes touch your skin, the laundry area is the best place to start. Every chemical can end up in your skin, which could pose a risk over time. Choose natural skin care products free of harmful chemicals, to maintain your skin’s health.

You can also make DIY cleaners. Distilled white vinegar contains high acidity and is able to break down accumulations of grease, soap scum and brine. Make use of it in conjunction with hot water to clear off glasses and plasticware that have clouded up.

For more information about natural cleaning solutions, have a an interest in the video.


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