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For the past dozen years of so Google has been the undisputed leader in the world of internet search engines. While tightening its grip on the search engine industry, Google has used its ever increasing clout to diversify and expand into other areas of online services. Today, Google is the number one destination on the Web.

Among the many services that Google offers include its own email service, blog publishing service, social media site, instant messaging service, photo album tools, word processing, language translation tools, and Google news RSS readers. By now, everyone is aware of the Google’s decision to discontinue Google Reader this past summer, and its reasons for doing so. Although Google no longer offers its formerly popular Google RSS news, users can still access RSS Google Chrome.

In order to subscribe to Google RSS news, you simply log into their Google accounts, click on the Google News icon, and scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom, left hand corner of the screen, you will see that old familiar orange RSS feed icon. Of course, since Google no longer offers its own Google RSS feeder, you will need to go offsite to find an alternate RSS feed reader. Once you do that you can subscribe to Google Chrome RSS news, and begin receiving its news feeds.

During its march toward web dominance, two fundamental keys to Google’s success include innovation and wise investments. By practically reinventing email and online news, and making some key acquisitions such as YouTube, Android, Motorola Mobility, DoubleClick, Google looks like an untouchable powerhouse.

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