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How Do Auto Body Shops Match Paint? – Car Crash Video

The right color information is sent to the shop by email or fax in a matter of several minutes.

For physical samples that need to be sent, they are typically sent in tiny containers with lids screwed on. The small cans come in a wide variety of designs and sizes that can be used with any kind of car body and other pieces that need matching, such as trunk lids as well as hoods, bumpers, or mirrors.

Automotive body technicians typically employ sprayers to apply an exact color to match the factory-shade on any selected part. To achieve precise results the parts are scrutinized under intense light sources from various directions.


How do auto body shops align paint? Paint and primers that auto supplies uses to match coaters used in the computerized machines are known as coaters. The size of the object is measured by coaters who determine the amount of material that will be required to paint. They can mix paints to the exact color required. For the application of paint, coaters can use the air-aided method known as air blend.

There are several auto businesses that have labs in which they conduct studies on specific coating requirements. This is especially the case when it comes to metallic or exotic colors that have very high UV resistance. A lot of factories have their own line of products. Aerosol cans with the necessary materials are used to disperse coatings.


How can auto body shops make sure that paint matches? In order to ensure that the color is accurate numerous automotive repair shops make use of a instrument called a spectrophotometer. This device allows them to track and quantify the amount of reflected sunlight. They are accessible for sale online as well as in retail stores that deal in auto paints, tools, and similar products. There are even attachments to take photos of samples so technicians can easily document prior to and following conditions.

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