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How Do You Value Artwork? – Contemporary Art Magazine

It is difficult to determine what a piece is worth because of its subjective character and time. An accredited appraiser of fine arts is able to determine the real worth of an artwork. This is all fine and good however how can an appraiser of art come up with their price estimates? The video below will give an insight into the job of an art appraiser.

The appraiser needs to bear a number of things in mind when determining the value of a home. If the print on woodblock is genuine, then it needs to be confirmed. It’s worth just what the frame that it’s placed in, if it is a print reproduction. The authenticity of a piece is not just determined by the signature in the lower right corner, however, it also depends on the interaction between the printing ink and the sheet. The entire process must be evaluated with an exact magnifying glass , by a certified professional. When it’s confirmed to be authentic, appraisers will factor in the condition of the print’s material and components. It is all included in the final cost.


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