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How to Assemble a Braided Hose with AN Fittings – Daily Inbox

This advice comes in handy after you’ve bought a pipe from the web and the length of the line doesn’t seem to be what you’d like underneath the hood of the automobile. The materials that you will have to use to alter the length of your hose are as follows:

Hose braided with a line
AN fittings
Adjustable wrench
Clamps for your bench vice
Tape to duct the air
With this, you can make a cut in the line

Check that the cut is straight and clean. Duct tape is recommended around any area you plan to cut to avoid the liner from becoming frayed. It’s important to have the cut to be square for the purpose of keeping the joint in place. Once you’re done with this, it’s now time to remove your AN fitting. Now, slide one part of your fitting over that cut line. After that, connect the ends to your clamp before assembling all the fittings, using whatever force is required. 41y8qxifcx.

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