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How to Detect Any Plumbing Leaks – EDUCATION WEBSITE

First, check your watermeter to determine if there is a problem. Customer Service can help you locate your meter if you do not know where it is.

Leaks are not only a way to reduce your bills for water, but they also help conserve water resources. Here’s more info on the detection of plumbing leaks.

The Meter
The water meter you are monitoring in the house can help determine if there is an issue. The meters are often found under a cover called”manholes,” or “manhole” near the street or in locations that don’t see below freezing at the back or part of your home near where the water supply line enters.

If the water-meter test shows a leak in your home, take a look at your cabinets underneath the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks to make sure they’re dry. Additionally, you should look for puddles around the bases of bathtubs, toilets and showers and beneath the dishwasher, water heater and the clothes washer. If you spot any water puddles or puddles you need to shut off the water supply valve to that appliance or fixture and then call a plumbing professional. 3em77r4ghq.

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