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How to Ergonomically Set Up Your Desk – Life Cover Guide

The furniture for offices that are ergonomic and comfortable to use can make a big difference in our productivity, effectiveness, and overall health. No matter the kind of furniture you’re using, there are things you could do for your workspace to boost those things just the same. In this short video you’ll get tips from an ergonomics expert on how you can best arrange your desk so that you can improve the overall quality of your office.

Ergonomics is beneficial because it can help prevent the development of pain in your body. Furniture is constructed so everyone, regardless of their body shape and size, can use it. Ergonomics will teach you how adapt it to the specific dimensions and shapes of your body. The chair’s height should allow for bending at 90°. The monitor should be about arm’s distance away, and its highest point should touch your eyes. While using the mouse, make sure you move it with the elbow not your shoulder. The video will show you all you need to know. by9eqy1f9a.

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