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How to Install a Temporary Fence – Interior Painting Tips

The garden will be safe as well as other areas of your home until you have a fence built. For the task to be completed it is only necessary to have the posts for a couple of posts, and some fencing. It’s best to get a couple of helpers.

Decide how far apart the posts need to be. It is recommended to keep them between three and six feet apart. For greater durability, choose three feet if the area is smaller. For bigger areas the six-foot option is the best choice. You can use your foot to press the posts into the ground. If you don’t have an anchor to support your feet or your foot, make use of a wrench made from rubber.

It is possible to hang the net by securing the prongs to the post’s top. There may be a need to clip the fences constructed of wire. The fence may require some pliers in order for them to fit well, if this is the situation. It is possible to wrap the fence around the posts, connecting them as you go.

Zip ties are an option to secure the fence once the fence is in place. Watch the video for further details.


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