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How to Provide Brake Repair for Beginners – Muscle Car Sites

To begin, jack up your vehicle. It is recommended to jack up the front of the car in order to begin the switch of the brakes on the front. He also advises those who are doing the job to ensure that he or she uses in addition to jack stands, for added protection. Placing the jack underneath the vehicle is another safety measure. Additionally, consider taking off the steering wheel and then putting it in the trunk of the car to ensure more security.

Blocking off the rear wheels by using blocks is yet another thing that should be done to make sure the vehicle will not move even when everything else does not work. When changing the brakes to the front wheel, take it off by placing blocks in front.

Then, rotate the brake caliper so it faces outward. This will make repairs easier. The steps with the process of repairing brakes involve removing the brake pads as well as removing the caliper and removing the rotor, and following that with replacing the pieces required to be changed.

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