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How to Pull Up Carpet and Lay Laminate Flooring – Carpet Cleaning Fort Dodge


The next step in how to take carpet off and put in laminate floors is eliminate the Tack strips. Tack strips are little chunks of wood, dotted with nails or tacks , used to install carpet, are extremely small. Since they’re very sharp and hard to remove, do avoid removing them by hand without gloves. The best option is to use a flat head screwdriver, or even a prybar to assist. It is also possible to break strips in order to make it simpler to take them out of your home.

Get rid of the under-padding

The subpadding layer is the one left after you have pulled up your carpet. It is an essential layer that was pinned on your floor after you installed carpet. It’s extremely difficult to remove since it was pinned with pins or staplers. The goal is to push it as far as you can in order to lift it off the flooring. Once you’re done, you can use an screwdriver with a flat head to eliminate all staplers. Staples becoming difficult to take off can be driven into the floor. This procedure is quite time-consuming, especially if you plan to take all pins from the flooring. Actually, the entire job of pulling down carpet and lay laminate flooring will be a lengthy process. The entire job, which comprises installing garage flooring and carpeting throughout the home, is likely to take several days. Prepare yourself mentally to complete the task can prevent your from taking a break midway. The glue is able to hold the pad in place if the concrete floor is slab. After you take off the pad off, bits will remain in the floor. You will need a sharp-bladed floor scrapper to remove them.

Review Your Subfloor

Once you have removed the flooring, examine the subfloor. This is the first step in how to pull off carpet before installing laminate flooring. It’s more difficult to lay laminate flooring if your subfloor is damaged. Check for sinking floors, which can indicate cracking in your foundation. Before laying the laminate flooring, you will need foundation repairs. It is also important to look for subfloors that are squeaky. Move around or run around and then when you can hear


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