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How to Tell When Roofing Contractors Cut Corners –

contractor. This video will highlight some warning signs that a contractor may be cutting corners on roofing repair or.

Poorly done roofing work can cause you to lose thousands and many hours of stress. When you hire a roofing contractor look out for contractors that do not have permits when they are asked. Some contractors try to cut costs by not obtaining a permit. The same is true for contractors. look out for contractors that aren’t licensed. Licenses provide more thorough education.

There are contractors who make an effort to save money on water/ice underlayment. This part of the roofing project is important due to the fact that without a sturdy underlayment, leaks are likely to occur. Watch out for a contractor who is quick to replace shingles with a water barrier. Roofers must register warranties on behalf of their customers. They can discuss having a “lifetime” warranty and then are covered for ten years. In order for the warranty to hold the warranty must be valid with the manufacturer. Make sure that the roofing contractor replaces the root that is rotten when the time comes.


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