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How You Can Use RSS Feeds to Streamline Your Online Experience

Have you ever used RSS feeds? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, though many people now call it Really Simple Syndication, since this is a better description of what RSS does. RSS feeds are basically aggregation applications that pull all the latest updates from different pre determined sources and display them for end users in a unified format.

This might sound complicated, but RSS is actually not difficult to understand, and is easy to use. Say that, for example, you are following eight blogs about tech news. Each blog updates at a different time of day, and on different days of the week. You do not want to have to check every blog daily, memorize a schedule, or miss any updates. RSS is the solution to this. By adding each web url to your RSS feed, you can check your RSS feed list and get all updates in one place. RSS saves users time by allowing them to bypass manually checking every website they enjoy reading.

Many websites make use of RSS feeds and use them for displaying new information for viewers. For many websites, this can be a useful advertising tool since it directs site traffic back to other parts of the website, since users sometimes click on these links rather than navigating off the page when they are done reading. News websites find RSS feeds particularly useful since these are the types of sites that need to constantly display the most updated information they have in order to stay relevant and useful for users.

Google search RSS is one example of a way people can find out about new RSS feeds from companies, news sources, et cetera. You can use Google search RSS to find RSS feeds about anything you are interested in. The Google RSS widget can then help you organize the RSS feeds you have.

For example, if you use Google RSS feeder search to look for all the latest updates about iPad news, you can either follow specific feeds that focus on delivering news about iPad news, or you can use Google search RSS to automatically update a Google RSS news feed for you with all updates that occur across the web that are about iPad news. A Google news RSS can be helpful for people looking for a wide range of information since it pulls from multiple sources, not just one.

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