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Installing a Motion-Censored Flood Light – Home Improvement Videos

If you already have a light bulb, you can install them effortlessly. The tutorial will show you how to set up and wire an motion sensor light.

First, turn off all power supply to the outdoor security lighting service panel. Next, remove existing floodlights. Next, pass the wires for motion sensors through the rubber gasket , then connect the wires using wire nuts. When you are mounting the light on the box, position the gasket so it will ensure that the box is dry. Make sure the light faces the right way. After that, tighten the locknuts in order to keep the lights in place. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer to turn on the motion sensor. You are able to select the length of time that it will be for after it has been activated. It is possible to test the sensor’s sensitivities by moving it around and making adjustments , if required. When your motion sensor’s light have been installed, flip on the light switch and switch it to the ON position. It will illuminate when it detects any movement.


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