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Need To Do Anything on the Web? Google Can Do It

Google is the best. Seriously. I know monopolies are bad, but I would totally let Google have a monopoly on the internet if they wanted it. Actually, they kind of do anyway. They have their own internet browser, they get over 70% of all of the search traffic, they have their own laptops, operating systems and cell phones. And let us not forget Google Plus, their social media site.

The one thing that they do not have is RSS Google Chrome edition. In terms of RSS Google Chrome is perfect. It is so intuitive and useful already, all they would need to do is create a Google RSS widget to live on your front page or bookmarks bar, and you would be golden.

The RSS Google Chrome reader would work with any RSS feeds out there on the internet. That would not be anything impressive. But, as with every other Google product, everything would be integrated. So there would be capability for a Google calendar RSS, which would pop up and notify you as things came up on your Google calendar. And there could be a Google news RSS feed. The news feed could even contain Google RSS news!

This is all mere speculation, mind you, in the hopes that Google will come out with an RSS reader soon. How could they not have one, you ask. RSS has been around so long, and it is getting popular, if anyone should have an RSS reader, surely it would be Google, right?

Well, you are half right. The thing is, Google did have an RSS reader. It was known as Google Reader, and was discontinued only just recently. The first of July in 2013 was the last day of Google Reader. Their reasoning behind discontinuing the service is cited as a decline in use and popularity.

Which is slightly baffling, because only now is RSS getting really big. It was along the same time that they discontinued a few other services and programs, and did just a general tidy of the Google portfolio. Maybe they know something that we do not, as Google has yet to make that big of a mistake so far.

Regardless of why they did it, you can show your support for RSS feeds by finding another reader. Who knows? If Google sees it growing in popularity even more, then they may reissue Google Reader, or even come out with something even better.

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