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Safety Tips for Fire Pits – Awkward Family Photos

to stay warm, or make S’mores. Fire pits need to be treated with care and security.
Avoiding Getting Too Close

One of the big dangers to fire pits is that if the fire pit is surrounded by objects that are close, fires can easily get out of hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s something like a blanket, loose clothes and alcohol or other object, it may have a significant impact in your safety around an open fire.

Injury from fire

Another reason that safety is a top concern is the impact an injury from a fire could leave on the skin. Burns can penetrate your skin and may need surgical treatment.

Here are some helpful tips to remember

If you decide to have a fire pit be sure to follow these tips to ensure proper safety. First, make sure your fire pits are in the open area of an extensive part of your property. Also, make sure to avoid sitting too close to the flame, as this is because blankets and clothing could catch fire. Make sure you keep a garden hose in the vicinity just in case the fire is out of control due to some reason.


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