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The Amazing Ant – Kredy Online

What’s it? What is it, or a rhinoceros are popular choices. Are you aware of an ant that is powerful? These common pests can be an issue in your house, but they are also one of the strongest bugs. Ants live in huge colonies and are headed up by queens, just as bumblebees live in Hives. All ants communicate using their antennae, and forge massive ant mounds which serve as their homes. The ants may surprise you with the amazing things ants can do.

Although an infestation of ants may be harmful to your home and cause damage, these ants thrive in open areas. Queens from different colonies often create alliances and colonies can work together. Female ants have no way of fertilizing eggs and serve their life for the queen. Sometimes, they declare war on each other by visiting mounds of termites to get into their underground tunnels to find food. Finally, ants can use sunlight and the light that it produces to locate the food they can bring back to their colonies.


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