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The Many Functions of a Google RSS Widget

Once when I was in high school, I was telling my friend about a cool website that updated with different stories everyday. Awesome, she told me, I will add it to my RSS feed. RSS feed? What did that mean, and why was she adding the website to it?

RSS stands for rich site summary, and is basically a web application used to publish different site information, as it updates, in a standardized format. RSS feeds aggregate lists of information so that users can quickly and easily access updates from multiple sites. When my friend was adding my website to her RSS feed for writing websites, she was ensuring that she would see when the site was updating, have a quick link to it, and not have to check back at odds times of the day to see whether there was new material or not. She could tell just by checking her RSS.

RSS feeds are commonly used on a number of websites. They can display links to other sites or pages associated with the site the user is on. They can also display the newest information for sites like Newspaper sites, which rely on rss feeds to update readers or subscribers with the latest news available to them. Widgets are a popular way to keep rss feeds on phones and on computer desktops. You can google rss widgets to get an idea of how many options there are.

The google chrome rss is one example of this. The google rss widget allows you to easily access all your information from one place, which is the google rss feeder on your phone. You can use this in a number of ways. Perhaps you want updates on all your social networking sites to come up in your google rss widget. Or maybe you want to see all your favorite blogs. Possibly, you want google rss news for local, national, or worldwide news updates. You can also get a google calendar rss to stay on top of daily events and schedules.

There have been positive and negative reviews of the rss google chrome. Most people, however, find the google rss widget to be a useful device for their phone and in their lives.

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