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What Are Some Common Piping Connections? – Cityers

Drill the bigger hole through the header pipe with an stub to connect. The contoured end of the branch pipe can fit inside the hole. The two pipes are connected by a connection. A stub-on connection uses holes that are the same size. The header hole , or branch pipe’s hole is exact size of that of the run pipe. This means that the branch pipe is able to be put on top the run pipe.

You need to be aware of the differences between these types of piping connections. If the header pipe as well as your branch pipe are alike in dimension, which means that they are the same in diameter and length, you can use the stub-on connection. Stub-in connectors are used when your branch pipe’s diameter is less than the header pipe. Making the wrong connection could result in problems. Though stub-in can be the stronger of both connections but it should be utilized only in low-temperature or low-pressure fluid situations. They don’t replace pipes and joints that are needed for high pressure fluids. qji3wb35zv.

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