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What Do Montessori Schools Teach? – E-BREAKING NEWS

Teach children with disabilities mental. The researcher discovered that when kids used all of their senses, they were able to grasp difficult concepts with greater ease.

Children learned dress themselves properly and took good care of their surroundings. The children were given the opportunity to play with the materials. Maria Montessori noticed that the youngsters repeatedly participated in exactly the same activities and demonstrated intense concentration spans.

Freedom of choice means that children became more attracted to materials and games than typical toys. The children learned self-control. The children learned to be self-motivated by being able to work independently. These concepts spread across the globe and inspired other educators as well as progressive thinkers. This is a selection of top ideas that have been embraced by Montessori schools:

Freedom of movement in the class of choice to select what lessons to take specific materials in mixed age classes with no homework or grading

Maria Montessori’s aim was to teach children to develop into independent, responsible adults. A lot of adult success stories have been forged from the Montessori Schools.


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