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What to Think About When Getting Custom Window Shutters – 610 Sports Radio

the right treatment for the home. There are plenty of choices when choosing shutters. This article will go over the many options available when you are looking to purchase custom shutters.

The choice is yours to decide how the shutters are framed. Cafe shutters are one option which you have the option of choosing, and these shutters differ from other shutters due to their fact that they have shutters that are on the side. Double-hung shutters are an alternative. These shutters can be opened on the top or bottom of your house, giving greater flexibility.

Also, you can decide where your shutters will be mounted. You can decide between the mounting from either side. This simply means that shutters are able to be mounted either the outside or the inside or inside of the windows.

Now we will look at the size you want for the louvers. Louvers are vertical slants that cross shutters. You can pick from a variety of different sizes to choose from and it just depends upon what suits you the most.


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