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Why is PEX Plumbing so Good? – Awkward Family Photos

In the past, opper pipe was the standard. However, PEX piping is starting to be the standard. The video below will help explain why.

PEX pipes aren’t brand new. The 1960s were when it was initially developed in Germany. But, it’s become popular in recent years. It’s cost-effective and has its main advantages. Its material is much more affordable and the installing procedure is much simpler and less expensive , too.

PEX is also flexible and bend, which is a further benefit. A single PEX string can be bent as it passes along walls or ceilings. It’s simple to set into. In copper and PVC it is necessary for elbows to be employed to bend the pipe. These elbows are susceptible to drop in pressure. PEX Systems are not exposed to the same drop in pressure. Additionally, there’s lower water hammer on PEX piping compared to traditional piping.

A further benefit for PEX pipe is that it’s elastic. It means the pipes are a lot less likely to rupture in cold climates. Further, PEX pipes do not accumulate calcium deposits like traditional pipes do.


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