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There are a wide variety of browsers internet users can utilize to browse safely and securely on the web. One of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome, which is preferred by millions of internet users. However, like all other browsers Chrome is far from perfect and new updates and enhancements are constantly being added. It was during 2009 that Chrome began supporting RSS or Atom technology. Getting a simple overview of all your RSS feeds and Atom feeds can be done by adding the Google Chrome RSS feed reader. The Google Chrome RSS extension makes it possible for people to keep track of their latest RSS subscriptions.

There are several benefits that are associated with the Google Chrome RSS extension that people should be aware of. For example, people can Sync all their feeds with their Google Reader account and access them from anywhere. Another advantage associated with the Google RSS widget involves receiving new posts instantaneously. Instead of searching for subscription button on a website, people can use the Google RSS feeder to subscribe to any webpage. Google calendar RSS feeds and Google news RSS feeds are useful as well. It’s common for internet marketers to use RSS feeds as advertisements tools.

The Google Chrome RSS extension also provides people the ability to manage their feeds much more efficiently. Changing from one computer to another may involve complications but RSS feeds can be exported to multiple machines. Both RSS and Atom feeds are supported with the Google Chrome RSS extension. People have the option to customize their feed’s appearance as well. There are several reasons why people use RSS feeds, one of which simply involves convenience. Staying up to date with the latest news and information is done best by using RSS Google Chrome. More information about the Google Chrome RSS extension can be easily found in the web store.

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