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Tracking Searches With RSS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to publish frequently updated or evolving web articles, news articles, blogs and related items in a standard format. It is typically used to read blogs, without having to constantly revisit them, through a Google Chrome RSS plugin or a Google RSS widget or another type of feed reader. It can also be used to keep up with appointments through Google Calendar RSS, Google News RSS or just by adding feeds, or RSS subscriptions, into RSS Google Chrome plugins.

While a Google search RSS feed is available to monitor various targeted web searches, based on the protections that Google uses you may have to enable it through a service called Google Alerts. This functionality allows you to monitor topics through Google search RSS feeds in your feed reader or RSS application.

The Google search RSS uses urls based on arbitrary numbers so that you cannot just adjust the search criteria outside of the alert application. That bit of control from Google means that spammers and others do not flood their RSS system and search abilities with unnecessary search hits. Basically through a Google RSS feed you can receive all of the articles related to the search subject that you put in the feed for a Google search RSS. This is a free way to analyze what searchers are seeing and can be used to confirm your search rankings.

In terms of setting up the Google search RSS, when you set an alert for your search terms you can then adjust the delivery settings. The default way to return the Google search RSS is with an email message, but if you select “feed” you will be given the RSS url. The RSS url is what you add to your feed reader application or plugin. That allows you to create several related searches and their associated RSS feeds to combine in related category of your other feeds.

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